Firante Treks and Expeditions offers multi-national motorbike tours, taking riders through the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal, Bhutan, India, China, and Mongolia. Since 2007, our company has been organising these exhilarating motorbiking adventures, and we continue to do so with great enthusiasm.

The success and longevity of our tours are a testament to the support and trust of our clients and partners. Their enthusiasm and feedback have been instrumental in helping us grow and improve our offerings over the years.

We are continuously expanding our range of destinations and tour itineraries to provide even more exciting and diverse experiences for our riders. Our commitment is to deliver unforgettable journeys that blend thrilling motorbike rides with rich cultural explorations and stunning natural scenery.

Join us at Firante Treks and Expeditions for a motorbike tour that spans multiple countries and creates memories to last a lifetime.


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