Things to Do In Kathmandu

Jan 13, 2022

Kathmandu is truly a city full of history, tradition and natural beauty. It is more correctly described as a true fusion of the old world plus today's fast-paced lifestyle. The term Kathmandu has a romantic and legendary meaning, inspiring images of beautiful temples rising from the jagged snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

The Kathmandu Valley is filled with the bustling, vivid and chaotic capital of the state of Nepal, Kathmandu, as well as the two neighboring cities of Lalitpur (widely known as Patan) and Bhaktapur, which lie within the center of the country (the museum living). The area as a whole is a paradise of endless fields, fascinating dynamic culture, beautiful alleys, incredible works of art, as well as a remarkable number of temples and Durbar Square, offering an intriguing mix of stories, sights, smells and sounds.

Kathmandu is a major transportation hub for the rest of Nepal and also for the Himalayas. One of the best advantages of visiting Kathmandu is, in fact, the simple acceptance of tourism. With people, vehicles, dirt, humidity and weather that can really add up to a high pressure environment in Kathmandu, it can be a bit intimidating for newcomers. The city, on the other hand, is a wonderland filled with a plethora of stress-relieving activities.

In this region flanked by the beautiful Himalayas, visitors can visit intriguing temples, trek through national parks, and enjoy local cuisine that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

So, if you are wondering what travelers visiting Kathmandu can do to recapture those unforgettable moments of their lives, check out the list of key places to do in Kathmandu.

Heritage Tour

There are plenty of activities to choose from among the many things to see in Kathmandu, whether you are truly a religious seeker or even a history buff. The colorful temples and monuments of the city of Kathmandu are the first thing that comes to mind. In addition to a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site, it is necessary, since these 665 square kilometers determine the location of the world's largest urban concentration of these sites (7 out of 10): 3 Durbar squares (Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur ), two Hindu pilgrimage sites (Pashupatinath Temple and Changunarayan Temple), and two Buddhist sites (Swayambhunath Stupa and Boudhanath Stupa).

In addition to these well-known and noteworthy destinations, there are numerous other comparable places or sites worth visiting, such as Kopan Monastery, Imperial Palace - Narayanhiti Royal Museum, Garden of Dreams, etc.

Hire an expert guide from a reputable travel agency and take a historical tour of these important places in Nepal to gain insight into the intertwined history of this country, religion, art and politics.

Explore The Tourist Area of Kathmandu

For the last half century, Thamel is the main popular tourist attraction in the city. In reality, it was less of a market and much more of a neighborhood trying to shop lost inside. While the narrow alleys and various store features may not appeal to everyone, they were loved by others. You can stroll the downtown streets, pop in and out of shops, mountaineering shops with unique gear, Nepalese bookstores, music venues, pubs, art vendors, and everything in between.

After a long day of touring, party guests will be delighted to know that Kathmandu, especially Thamel, has a nightlife where they can kick back and relax listening to their great songs and drinking their favorite drinks.

For a unique experience, enjoy a rickshaw ride through the streets of Thamel. Take home some souvenirs and gifts from the selection of beautiful shawls, jewelry, sculptures, paintings and more. (Definitely haggle for a decent and fair price).

Short Hiking in Kathmandu

Do you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Immerse yourself in nature.

Kathmandu, the capital, is a dynamic and bustling metropolis. But it is also a wonderland, facing the beautiful Himalayas of Nepal and surrounded on all sides by huge green hills, making it a fantastic destination for trekking.

Chisapani, Champadevi, Nagarkot and Nagarjun are just a few of the wonderful climbs in the valley. Because these places are low in elevation, they are ideal for first-time hikers. If you prefer a longer trek, you can head to the high peaks of Shivapuri National Park or take a 6-day trek between Kathmandu and Langtang National Park.

Also, viewing the nearby region during sunrise or sunset will give you spectacular views. As a result, trekking within the valley is among the top ten activities in Kathmandu.

Mountain Flight or Helicopter Tour

Not really a hiker or trekking enthusiast, but long for a mountain adventure? Take a 50-minute Mount Everest flight just above the clouds for an up-close look at the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. There are several other prominent towering rocks covered in white snow, in addition to the massive Everest.

Not only do you want to take pictures, but also be physically close to those behemoths? Then the Everest Tour Package is ideal as you will be standing in the shadow of Mount Everest, having a magnificent breakfast at the world's tallest hotel and taking pictures of Kalapatthar which is 5545 meters high and is surrounded on all sides by peaks. . The journey of approximately 4 hours is well worth the investment you spend.

These are truly unique events available exclusively to Nepal, along with some of the most fascinating activities in Kathmandu.

Motorcycle Tour and Mountain Biking

There may be someone who wants more now and wants to experience new things, as well as someone who is an explorer. Mountain biking within the unique little tracks of the Kathmandu highlands would be ideal for them.

Nepal is recognized as one of the top mountain biking destinations in the world, with Kathmandu being the epicenter of this exciting sport. The valley certainly offers a plethora of unimaginable paths to travel, discover, and conquer.

This Shivapuri National Park trail, but also Nagarkot, Nagarjun Ban, Kakani or other adjacent places offer the best mountain biking experience. And you will see intense mountain biking as you travel through the monasteries, Nagarjun Ban is indeed the place to go.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is by far the most extreme and daring thing you can do anywhere. In Kathmandu, bungee jumping is also one of the most popular activities. There are several places to go bungee jumping, but again the Bhote Koshi bridges are perhaps the most beautiful. Bungee jumping at Bhote Koshi also offers one of the longest free falls in the world (500 feet).

It takes three hours to drive from the city center to the bungy jump site. Amidst this spectacular scenery, a 160-meter jump over the Bhote Koshi River provides an incredible sense of adrenaline.

Enjoy Street Life of Kathmandu street life

Walk the very side streets of Kathmandu to get a sense of the city's timeless culture as well as creative heritage, which can be discovered in a wide range of temple complexes with accessible greenery, marigold flower petal areas, and small cafes selling buffalo. Boring sums as well as soups, small artisan workshops, as well as impressive souvenir shops that sell, among many other things, t-shirts, trinkets, aromatic oils, decorative items, Tibetan bowls, khukuri phrases, devotional flags, and candles.

Shopping in busy store

If you are looking for authentic bazaar experiences, go to Asan, Indrachok and Mangal bazaars. Each of your senses will be pampered in the lively area of   Kathmandu. Residents and tourists alike frequent the market, which sells everything from local cuisine to spices, honey, local tea, oils, fish, purified butter, cosmetics and fashion clothing, jewelry, cultural clothing, antiques, souvenirs and essentials. For the day to day.

Located right at the intersection of trade routes over the Himalayas, these markets are among the oldest neighborhoods in Kathmandu. They have been a bustling, prosperous yet culturally fascinating section of the main city for generations. During one of the most famous markets in Kathmandu, you can find practically anything.

Local food

Kathmandu is a melting pot of cultures, with residents hailing from all over Nepal. The diversity of the country is reflected in the range of flavors available. The flavors of the foods offered in homes, streets, restaurants and ceremonial activities are different. So if you visit Kathmandu, be sure to try some of the best traditional food in Nepal.

The traditional dish of Nepal is in fact the Thali Set with Daal Bhat (rice, lentils with pickles and vegetables). It is more than a plate; It is a complete and delicious dinner. First of all, the most popular snack in Kathmandu is momo (a dumpling/dim sum/steamed dumpling).

Each place will have its own street food fanaticism, and many people will appreciate it. Some of the best street foods to try include aalo chops, sekuwa, chatamari, and sel roti. Must-see desserts include Juju Dhau in Bhaktapur, Lassi in Indrachowk, and other sweets like Lakhamari and Yomari.

So, among the many activities to see in Kathmandu, one of the best is to try the local Newari cuisine, the Nepali Khana set and of course the momos.

Tour selection workshop.

Joining workshops in Kathmandu on topics that interest you, such as cooking Nepalese food, making Buddhist Thanka artwork, woodcarving, pottery courses, jewelry making, etc. are some of the best things to do. You can even sign up for a fantastic yoga session and retreat! The number of activities accessible to you is almost infinite.

After their first visit, people realize that there is something about Kathmandu that makes it a particularly fascinating place with a wide variety of exciting activities. It is not a conceited city because it is old enough not to please everyone. Certainly, there are several small, dirty and often dirty and muddy roads, but traveling is really about witnessing real and raw things.

Sure, this place has a dizzying array of activities and places to see, however the things listed above will give you a great visit to Nepal that is well worth it. So, depending on your interests and talents, you can choose from a variety of things to take part in during your stay in Kathmandu, ranging from easy activities to adventurous getaways. The best place to see the unique and lively culture of Nepal is Kathmandu.

However, a comfortable and pleasant environment is essential to properly enjoy the tourist characteristics of a place. Between February and May, when the winter has passed but the rains have not yet come, is the best time to visit Kathmandu.

Summer is certainly a good time, although on hot, humid and dusty days you won't want to partake. Summer will almost certainly usher in the monsoon season, during which your plans will most likely be canceled due to rain. However, once the rains come in mid-September, Kathmandu will reopen to tourists until mid-December, thanks to bright skies and balmy days.

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