Humla to Achham trek

Sep 1, 2023

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Nepal's Karnali Region: A Journey Through Humla

The Karnali region, nestled in the remote and least developed part of Nepal's northwestern landscape, holds the allure of untouched beauty and captivating indigenous cultures. The Thakuri, Beshi, and Lama communities flourish here, each boasting their own distinctive language, customs, and traditions. Beyond the cultural tapestry, Karnali's rugged mountains, deep valleys, and untamed rivers contribute to its remarkable natural beauty.

Trekking Routes and Treasures

This expedition offers a chance to traverse through the heart of the Karnali region, immersing oneself in its cultural richness and awe-inspiring vistas. Three renowned trekking routes grace this area: the Rara Lake Trek, the Upper Dolpo Trek, and the Humla Limi Valley Trek. These trails, though demanding, are a gateway to explore Nepal's pristine nature and cultural heritage.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01 -: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

Embark on your journey with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. As you land in Nepalgunj, a city on the western Terai bordering India, you'll spend the night preparing for the upcoming flight to Simikot.

Day 02 -: Flight to Simikot, Trek to Yangchu

An early flight takes you from Nepalgunj to Simikot, the district headquarters of Humla. After lunch in Simikot, start your trek to Yangchu. Descending over 4-5 hours, you'll reach Yangchu, a serene village perched at 2200 meters.

Day 03 -: Trek to Ripghat

Continue your trek towards Ripghat, an engaging journey of 6-7 hours. As you navigate moderate terrain, immerse yourself in the landscapes. Ripghat, a tea-house village at 2370 meters, will be your stop for the night.

Day 04 -: Trek to Jilu

On this day, advance toward the Mane Lagna Pass. Jilu, your campsite for the night, rests at an altitude of 2972 meters, reached after a 6-7 hour uphill trek.

Day 05 -: Trek to Palsa Village

Hike towards Palsa village, the largest settlement in the region. The journey entails a 7-8 hour trek, including an uphill climb to Mane Lagna pass, rewarding you with panoramic mountain views. Palsa village awaits at an elevation of 1208 meters.

Day 06 -: Trek to Galba Village

Embark on a moderate 6-7 hour trek to Galba village, where you can savor the warmth of local hospitality. The village, located at 1350 meters, offers insight into the local way of life.

Day 07 -: Trek to Paima

Continue your journey to Paima, a village enveloped in tranquility. Trek for 6-7 hours through moderate terrain, relishing the breathtaking surroundings. Paima, situated at an altitude of 1310 meters, provides a serene setting to spend the night.

Day 08 -: Trek to Dhulachaur

The trail to Dhulachaur descends, offering a 6-7 hour trek of moderate difficulty. This small village, perched at 1300 meters, invites you to experience rural life up close.

Day 09 -: Trek to Pilu Chaur

Embark on a 6-7 hour trek towards Pilu chaur, a village known for its local tea houses. As you descend, cherish the natural beauty and cultural nuances of the region. Pilu chaur rests at an altitude of 1200 meters.

Day 10 -: Trek to Jite Ghat

Continue your journey to Jite Ghat, crossing the Karnali River en route to Humla Road. The 6-7 hour trek unveils stunning landscapes, leading you to Jite Ghat.

Day 11 -: Trek to Vanakot

Venture onward to Vanakot on a day of road walking. As the trekking trails near their end, you'll have the opportunity to experience Anup in the evening.

Cost and Inclusions

The cost per person is US$ 3200.00 for a minimum group of 2 pax. This package includes a comprehensive range of services such as airport transfers, accommodation, camping provisions, trekking permits, expert guides, and first aid kits. Notable exclusions encompass personal expenses, travel insurance, and trekking equipment.

Embrace the Unseen

The Karnali region's allure lies in its remoteness and unspoiled beauty. Prepare for a journey that blends nature's grandeur with cultural authenticity, offering an experience that transcends the ordinary. Your adventure through Humla promises lasting memories and a profound connection to Nepal's untouched heart.


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