Offering more than 1500 peak summits over the stature of 5000 meters in elevation, Nepal is the watershed of Asia and the place where there is snow peaks. Being pressed between the towering Himalayas and the Indian fields, Nepal is considered as a heaven for the numerous mountain climbers drawing in a large number of travel aficionados.

Firante Treks & Expeditions concentrates on giving all the vital climbing preparing and types of gear which are legitimately required for an effective climb. Peak Climbing has turned into a noteworthy enterprise action for individuals around the world and Nepal is one of the best places to wander upon for its superb mountain tops. Being home to significantly well known mountain tops on the planet Nepal has a considerable measure to offer to the individuals who crave exciting and bold mountain ascensions thus we tend to come up to those desires by giving our customers an outing which they should treasure for their days to come. Moving up the wonderful crests in Nepal gives the climbers with a remunerated sentiment excellent accomplishment and achievement.

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