Changing the perception of traveling one country at a time we gave you opportunities to travel multi-country by crossing a few boarders. This type of traveling gives you opportunities to explore a region or continent as much as possible. We offer you a multicountry tour of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and  India.

The experience of hopping from one country to another will give you immense pleasure and knowledge about how these countries are huddling together and may share some common characteristics but still diversity that makes a country distinctive. Though sharing the same continent landscape in different countries would range from part to part. This tour provides you a journey such as an airway, river cruise, and train adventure.

In this tour, you will experience the world's highest mountain Mt Everest  8848m of Nepal to the lowest point 2.2 meters below sea level in India. In Nepal, you will be seeing a mixture of cultures and geographical features. Tibet, the roof of the world and the home of Tibetan Buddhism and Dalai Lama.

Bhutan the last Shangri La has a collection of best-preserved natural and cultural heritage is the only Mahayana Buddhist country in the world. India the biggest country in South Asia also a melting point of all cultures and traditions of the Indian subcontinent.

Traveling multicountry provides the opportunity to explore varied landscapes and geographical regions along with the diverse culture and traditions of the area. Along with these it also provides an opportunity to encounter the different cultures, food, and sights that are unique to each country

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