Nepal is situated in the Himalayas, bordered to the west, east and south by India and to the north by China. Above all Nepal is a travel destination often known for containing Mount Everest and 8 of the world’s tallest mountains, the views and natural surroundings which are beyond doubt utterly breathtaking. Not only that but Nepal’s rich cultural history and religious influence, one should look forward to see a bunch of ancient temples and religious monasteries visited by tourists from all over the globe Also since Nepal allowed tourists to visit and explore the hidden jewels of its mesmerizing landscapes full of towering Himalayas and lush valleys, Nepal gained a lot of popularity throughout the past decades and is still continuing to allure many tourists from different corners of the globe. The pristine environment is sure to attract a lot of adventure junkies and nature lovers.

Our Nepal Tours packages tend to deliver you a trip worth your money as we have designed our entire trip packages to take you to your bona fide vacation destination in Nepal with us.

Tours in Nepal is one of the ultimate tour programme in Nepal.It leads you to explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites around Kathmandu valley, Nagarkot which is  one of the nearest tourists destination and Pokhara, a must visit city of Nepal. Along with these marvellous beauty, Chitwan National Park and Lumbini are other two invaluable gems of our Tours in Nepal programme.

Firante Treks & Expedition's Tours in Nepal is generally categorised into four different tour packages based on its days restrictions:

5 Days Nepal Tour

7 Days Nepal Tour

9 Days Nepal Tour

11 Days Nepal Tour

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